Preorder Guide



How do your preorders work?

Preorders are announced via our social media pages. The announcements will contain information on which products will be available as well as the date and time of the drop. Preorders are typically open for 2 weeks. Once preorders close, the bulk order for the items are placed with my manufacturer.


How do I preorder?

To preorder, simply place an order for the available jerseys during the preorder window! Once your order is placed, your card will be charged for the full amount, unless you choose the Buy Now, Pay Later option.


How long will my preorder take to get to me?

Preorder items typically ship 4-6 weeks from the last day of preorders.


My order hasn't updated and just says "Awaiting Fulfillment". What does that mean?

All preorders will have the order status of "Awaiting Fulfillment" until the time that the order is actually shipped. Once it is shipped, the order status will reflect that, and you will receive an email containing your tracking information.


I made a mistake when ordering. How do I go about correcting that?

For preorders, since I order the exact amount needed, please email me with your corrections by the last day of preorders. On the day after preorders close, the bulk order is placed and no changes will be made. If you realize that you have put the wrong address or name, please contact me as soon as possible by email so that the items can be sent to the correct location. If the correction is not made, the customer will be responsible for reshipment costs if the item is received back by us.

Our email is


I missed the preorder window! When will preorders open again?

Please follow on Instagram and Twitter for updates on new preorder items and returning items. 

Instagram: @theotakuacademy

Twitter: @theotakuacademy